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Government oversight is increasing especially concerning the food industry, and will apparently continue through the end of the decade. Government agencies have been tasked with providing the public with pure and safe foods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (FNMA) is being enacted over the next three years for large, medium, and small food companies alike. The Department of Agriculture is examining more and more imports looking for objectionable weeds.

Group Customs & Border Protection agency (CAP) is concentrating on the C-TPAT program that will insure processors and exporters are self-policing against the threat of terrorist activity. Pepper and Spice Consulting Group is well versed on governmental regulations; we are ready and able to assist are clients in untangling this web of confusing new requirements. We are assisting our global suppliers in meeting the new laws as well. It will take both sides to work together to properly insure safe, pure, clean spices entering  into the food chain. Pepper and Spice Consulting Group is here to help.


Our spices, seeds and herbs are agricultural products. They do not come in packets or jars but are mechanically cleaned to remove most objectionable material. Pepper, in all its forms, is our most prominent spice, but we are well versed in all spices, seeds, herbs and dehydrated vegetables. Because of our market intelligence, we can ensure the safety and reliability of our spice products.

• Allspice • Black Pepper • Cassia & Cinnamon • Capsicums (red chilies peppers)
• Cloves • Dehydrated Green Pepper • Ginger • Nutmegs &
• Paprika • Pink pepper • Turmeric • White pepper


 We offer a large selection of various seeds, including:

• Celery • Dill • Fenugreek • Sesame
• Cumin • Fennel • Poppy Sesame • Anise Seed
• Caraway • Coriander • Flax • Mustard
• Cardamoms


We also carry different herbs to help you make your dishes delicious. Some of the fresh herbs we offer include:

• Basil • Marjoram • Parsley • Gourmet Herbs
• Sage • Oregano • Sage • Parsley
• Basil Cilantro • Thyme • Tarragon • Marjoram
• Savory • Rosemary • Oregano • Bay  Leaves
• Dillweed • Spearmint & Peppermint, Citrus Peels


Fresh Nutmeg and Mace, Vietnamese Black Pepper, and Indian Dehydrated Onion Flakes

Fresh Red Chillies

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydrated vegetables are another product we offer that are fresh,  machine dried, sortex cleaned, passed through magnets and metal detectors before shipment. They are ready to use upon receipt. We carry the following dehydrated vegetables

• Garlic • Onion • Red Peppers • Green Peppers

Market Information

In addition to our large list of products, we are an ideal source for current market information. We can provide your company with expert information about the spice industry including current market information and much more. We can let you know which items are "hot" or "cold" by reading our bi-weekly marketing report.